It felt effortless — It just flowed.  The frequency and energy was consistent.  I think that’s what kept me coming back to The High Vibes Only EP?

I’m glad you liked it. Thats where the real currency is. We’re electric people. Money is an illusion, its the trade – The trade of energy.  Thats the real currency“.

I found it hard not to agree. As our conversation progressed, I found myself increasingly drawn to the energy and flow of our interaction. Tru’s words resonated with me, and his passion for the subject matter ignited my own curiosity. It was as if we were embarking on a journey together, exploring ideas and exchanging thoughts in a seamless exchange of energy. This candid energy was reminiscent the track off this EP that initially caught my attention – “It’s Over”. Enlisting fellow Brick City artist Middy Murdoc, the two NJ natives fluently weave cautionary examples of how thoughtlessness can ruin a relationship with your wife. Exdpct the significat other here is hip hip.